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Would you like a page like this? Simple easy design but powerful enough to pack a punch..

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Dcssales Fiverr seller

We used to have a youtube channel called Dcssales with over 10k subscribers. Youtube decided to suspend the channel and remove all the videos and information we used to show to make money. We believe they removed us because we were in conflict of promoting our own ads and not using Adsense. But the fact of the matter is our Adsense account has also been suspended also. We cannot get it back but we will not be defeated and starting a new channel up. How we got to over 10K subscribers is doing a system plan that worked. We would like to help you increase your subscribers also.

subscribe to youtube

So is the POWER of YOUTUBE in your hands or does it need to be boosted?

A successful way of getting youtube subscribers is by sharing videos and subscribing to each other.

There is a problem now with Google considering subscribers as spamming. This happens with auto bot subscribers applying to channels to get recognition of a channel they spam without even actually being a true subscriber. Google has now implemented a spamming limitation by having the subscriber look at the video for at least a minute to the channel they subscribed to introduce human intervention to show they are a real viewer.

Now the problem with SUB for SUB is this. Many will subscribe to get a subscribe back but ignore your videos. Google or Youtube sees this as spam and will remove the subscriber if there is no action taken. So you lose subscribers on your list. Everybody wants to build their subscribe list but ignore the most important fact of Youtube.


So this page and the autobot does all the WORK for you. Once we reach 1000 Subscribers the next person who joins with us is promoted on a list with everybody else who opted in also. Then all you do is subscribe to each other and VOILA instant subscribers are building. This is one of the most powerful ways to get subscribers fast but you must do the work in able to meet the Goal required.

Are you willing to work with us and see how this SYSTEM will increase your subscribers up to 100% with the POWER of sharing and working together. Allow us to grow so you can grow also.

Youtube Buddy a powerful way to use SEO